Four Magic Days in Ubud

Ubud is why you travel to Bali. Rice terraces, ancient temples, volcanos, a jungle full of wild monkeys, streets lined with yoga studios, spas, and healthy restaurants serving the most delicious and beautiful food you could imagine. Right in the middle of the island, I consider Ubud Bali's beating heart. Ubud is relaxed, unpretentious, and chaotically beautiful.  This is not a place to party - it’s a place to meditate, contemplate, grow, explore, and learn. 

Tips for Planning Your First Trip to Bali

I took this trip with my best friend! We came to experience the culture, have some beach time, and immerse ourselves in all things Indonesian. We didn't come to surf, and we definitely didn't come to party. Our ideal evening consists of an amazing dinner, long walk, and a trip to an ice cream spot. So if that’s the kind of experience you want - then here’s my thoughts on the places I saw, what I’d recommend, and what I’d avoid. 

A Visual Feast of Bali

Bali has the most beautiful food of any country I've ever visited. To make things even better - it's all insanely healthy. Chia seeds galore, gluten-free everything, every dish stocked with super foods, and it all tastes amazing! Menus say things like our house mylk is coconut and all dishes are available vegan. It's a plant-based, whole-food heaven.

Plan More Thoughtful Travel

I believe it's important to plan your travel thoughtfully. Instead of just using your two weeks to fly to a resort where your friends have recently gone, or to a place you saw in a magazine - consider what are you wanting to achieve over your lifetime of vacation days. There are all different types of trips to take, so here are ideas that will lead to you being a more well-rounded traveler and provide some experiences you may never have thought about having.

DIY Travel Souvenirs: Seashell Trinket Dish

I had never done this before, so maybe it was beginners luck but it was SO simple and they turned out beautifully. All the materials cost about $15 and I was done with the whole project in 3 hours! So here's a step-by-step guide to do this to your favorite finds on the beach. 

Gift Guide for a Wanderluster

Not sure what to buy your girl who’s always on the go? There are tons of holiday gift guides out there, but I want to share a few outside-the-box ideas that you won't see anywhere else. 

We travelers have very specific needs, and since we’re always saving money for our next plane ticket, travel essentials often go un-purchased. We're also wanderers - we love anything dreamy, magical, and one-of-a-kind. So from practical to just plain fun; and stocking stuffers to splurge-items, here’s a list of things that any wanderluster would love to find under the tree!

5 Reasons to Travel Solo

I didn’t always have someone to travel with to the places I wanted to go. But I didn't let that stop me. I was in Europe! There were sights to see, museums to visit, cones of gelato to eat! I decided I would much rather go alone than not at all. After a few trips, I quickly realized that traveling solo had some serious perks, and I began to love it.