How to Combat The Winter Blues and Resolution Fails

We’re all a little hard on ourselves during the holidays. We spend December somewhat frazzled: running from party to party, over-eating, and over-stressing. Then we travel across the country, or maybe the globe and while we're in transit catch a cough or cold. By the end of the year our body is tired and we're emotionally drained. (Especially if you're missing a loved one, nursing a broken heart, or struggling to keep the cheer around family.)

And when it's all over, then comes the winter blues.

You take the decorations down. You find our jeans are a little hard to button (my Aunts buckeyes are just too delicious to resist.) You had to take down the out of office and it’s so cold and snowy outside that you don’t want to do anything but cozy up under a thick blanket and Netflix binge. 

But you’ve got resolutions to stick to. Remember those..? You were going to workout every day, eat healthier, and finally abandon that toxic relationship. 

By the second week of January a lot of us have already broken the promises we made to ourselves. We’ve skipped yoga, we’ve polished off pints of ice cream, and we’re texting that someone we swore off. 

I believe it’s important to practice some self-love this month: be patient with yourself, kind to yourself, and as Tom Haverford and Donna Meagel would say - treat yo'self.

I always start the year with some r&r in Ohio where I grew up. I spend time with my parents and get back in touch with my roots before I start traveling again. I read books, I cook, I paint, and I always treat myself to a spa day. There’s nothing better than staying in and being pampered while winter is coming outside. I always make a new year's resolution to get in better shape - and just as important as working your body hard is rewarding yourself for it. I think massages are a much better reward than cookies. 

I could tell my mom needed a spa day too after hosting ten people at Christmas, so I took her on a surprise girls day out to The Walden Inn Spa in Aurora, Ohio.


This property is a secluded oasis on a former farm just outside Cleveland. A local owner turned it into a luxury boutique hotel and spa on par with some of the nicest hotels I have visited in the world. Every detail is considered, every corner is lovely, and everyone there is so friendly and welcoming; most of the staff have been working there over a decade!


It was during our spa day that I learned about Walden's upcoming Free Wellness Week. January 14th-20th.

This free week-long event is open to non-members for them to enjoy classes, seminars, and facilities. This place might seem intimidating if you haven’t been inside, but one big smile from the warm and fuzzy reception staff and you will feel right at home! The community is more than welcome here, you do not have to be a member to participate in the Wellness Week and experience all Walden has to offer, and you definitely should!  


Simply drop in to classes and lectures during this week. It doesn’t matter if you are an outside guest, member, or hotel guest. Registration is not necessary and you don't need to bring anything but an open mind!

The resolutions you've set for yourself are probably going to take some work. They might require some learning, practice, and coaching. This free Wellness Week is an amazing opportunity and a positive approach to resolution keeping! 

Walden is even putting free content online for for those outside the Ohio area. Look out for webinars and live-streamed classes to motivate and inspire you no matter where you are. 

In addition to yoga and fitness classes, they'll be seminars like "Steps To Creating The Best Health For You and Your Family,"  and “Creating A New Reality in 2018” from their staff of doctors, healers, and experts in the field.  You can see the full schedule here.

I was so excited to find out about this event.  I couldn't help but feel maybe fate led me to Walden that day, and I will certainly be back for a free Ignite & Restore Yoga class and "the Live the Life You Love" Lecture during Wellness Week! 

Hope to see you there!

Read more about the details of our spa staycation at Walden here.