I'm Anna

 full-time wanderer & writer, digital content creator, and dreamer
I've been to 81 countries, 6 continents, & 36 American states


About me

My two loves: travel + writing 

I've been writing ever since I first moved abroad. I've got a stack of handwritten journals, three former blogs, and a manuscript in the works...  My dream is to publish a book. 

You'll find travel tips and essays on my website, and all digital photo album on @traveloutsidethebox

You can shop my travel style if you like what's in my suitcase for a trip

I’ve been featured in the NY Daily News & The L.A. Times

I am an Ambassador for We Are Travel Girls because I believe women should empower each other to travel! I also co-host some of their getaways!

I've also contributed content to The Travel Women, Darling Escapes, & Coastal Living

Still want to know more? 10 Things You Should Know About Me