I'm Anna

 full-time wanderer & writer, digital content creator, and dreamer
I've been to 81 countries, 6 continents, & 36 American states


About me

My two loves: travel + writing 

I've been writing ever since I first moved abroad. I've got a stack of handwritten journals, three former blogs, and a manuscript in the works...  My dream is to publish a book. 

You'll find travel tips and essays on my website, and all digital photo album on @traveloutsidethebox

You can shop my travel style if you like what's in my suitcase for a trip

I’ve been featured in the NY Daily News & The L.A. Times

I am an Ambassador for We Are Travel Girls because I believe women should empower each other to travel! I also co-host some of their getaways!

I've also contributed content to The Travel Women, Darling Escapes, & Coastal Living

Still want to know more? 10 Things You Should Know About Me

My story

I always had big dreams to see the world.

 I grew up in Ohio, and never left the country until I was eighteen. During college I studied in Paris and I fell madly in love with being abroad. I took a job in London so I could live overseas and used all my weekends and holidays to travel through Europe solo. But eventually my job brought me back to America to live in New York City.  

Five years ago I lived a mostly normal life. 
I had a tiny studio in New York City, a job in sales, and a magician boyfriend. (I said mostly normal.) He traveled all the time for work, while I hated going to the office everyday; because I was so curious to go see the world. When he asked me marry to him, he also asked me something else.

"Do you want to become a magician's assistant?"
 I left my studio, quit my job, became something I never thought I would be - a magician's assistant. A few years later, I married the magician. Now I travel non-stop to perform and share magic. with my husband, Joshua Jay. But my gig popping out of boxes didn’t last long - I discovered a passion for photographing the beautiful places I was traveling to - so I made my instagram handle public, and became a content creator.

People always ask me if I can tell the secrets; do I know the magic tricks? 
The answer is yes - but I can't share those. But what I can share is a few secrets of my own - the tricks I've learned to incredible travel for all types of trips. I love travel more than anything, I am nomadic by choice I can see as much of the world as possible. 

I travel non-stop, but I don't travel like anyone else travels.
When we travel, we hang out with locals;  magicians who are willing and eager to show us their city. It's like having family all over the world. We get a totally unique and authentic look at the places we go, and because we make our own schedule, never leave a place without having totally explored it.  

I take all types of trips in all kinds of styles.
From luxury African safaris, to budget USA road-trips, there's no where I won't go. Some of our trips aren't related to work at all - it's just us chasing our wanderlust. But no matter where in the world we are, one thing is always consistent: we seek out the the unusual, the delicious, the authentic. And because we're not sponsored travelers, we go, do, and see what we want - and then I share it with you.