Spa Staycation

What’s the one thing missing from the life of a constant world traveler? Quality time with family.

This past year I only got to see my parents for a few days in between my trips all over the world. So after Christmas I decided to stay in Ohio for two weeks and explore the magic of my own hometown. 


My mom hosted an epic Christmas this year. Her decorating takes her two months and looks like a centerfold from Martha Stewart Living.
Check out just the living room...


Every inch of our interior is dripping in icicles and twinkle lights, there is more wine and food than one could ever hope to consume and she is continuously surprising us all throughout the week with thoughtful gifts and beautiful christmas cards. When everyone had taken off and the January blues set in, I knew she needed a spa day. 

So I planned a surprise mother/daughter day to the Walden Inn & Spa, a luxury property in Aurora, Ohio where we could spend a day together relaxing and rehabilitating. 


I love to go to the spa this time of year. Wrapped in a fluffy robe being pampered is my ideal way to spend a snowy, cold afternoon. With so many New Year’s resolutions focusing on wellness and a healthy mind body and spirit, a spa day reminds me to slow down, focus on some self-love, and treat my body well.  

My mom and I arrived to find warm welcomes and big smiles from the incredible team. While cozying up by the fire and sipping mimosas, we customized our treatments and selected special add-ons (hot stones all the way). 


In this sun-filled reception room, there was a DIY granola bar where you could create your dream, healthy snack mix and learn about the different chakras. Every day of the week Walden focuses on a different chakra, and today it was heart chakra. 


Our heart chakra colors our life with compassion, love, and beauty. Driven by the principles of transformation it's where we find our joy, love, and inner peace. Your heart chakra can always use some TLC. 


Walden is a unique spa because you get your own enormous, private suite during your stay and everything happens inside of it. There is a robe, walk-in steam shower, jacuzzi tub, massage table, and several amenities like tea, chocolates, slippers, bath soaks, and even books. 


Most spas have you walking around cold hallways and sharing public areas for saunas and steam rooms, but at Walden you never have to leave you luxurious suite, and every treatment includes an hour of time inside the room to just relax. It’s heavenly!

We each got a one hour body scrub, followed by a one hour massage. The mango coconut scrub was the perfect start to January - literally brushing off everything dead and built up from last year and starting anew. It also smelled so good that I contemplated tasting it.


In between treatments I soaked in the steam shower and jacuzzi tub, where I was so relaxed I almost dozed off. 


When our time was up, my mom emerged from her suite looking like a whole new woman and cried, “this is the best day of my life!”


I have visited luxury spas and properties all over the world. I’ve had two hour massages in Thailand, flower baths and body polishes in Bali, gone to spa retreats in the American Southwest, and been pampered by a full team of people at the Oberoi Resorts in India. This experience was definitely among the most wonderful spa days I’ve had anywhere - and it’s right in my childhood back yard. 

You don’t always have to venture far from home to escape somewhere magical. Sometimes a spa staycation is exactly what your mind and body needs. 

January 14th - 20th at Walden is their FREE Wellness Week! You can read more about it here. This free week-long event is open to non-members for them to enjoy classes, seminars, and facilities. The community is more than welcome here, you do not have to be a member to participate in the Wellness Week and experience all Walden has to offer, and you definitely should!