Hotel LeVeque: Sleeping Under the Stars

I’ve always been one to romanticize hotel stays. A beautiful suite gives me butterflies in my tummy, a grand lobby can make my heart pound, and I will retell stories of a scenic pool or well-curated amenity to my girlfriends the way I’d recount a great first date. 

My favorite types of hotels are one with a story or a unique setting. Any hotel group can build a modern marvel, but after spending most nights of my life in generic guest rooms, I now seek out ones that are more than just luxury.

When I heard a historic tower from 1920 in downtown Columbus had turned boutique hotel I knew I had to see it. I’m a retrophile, in love with anything that has to due with the glamour of the past. The twenties were perhaps the most glamorous era.; a mere mention of the decade and my mind goes to The Great Gatsby, oversized diamonds, and skyscrapers raising into the clouds for the first time. 


The LeVeque Tower was built in 1924, at the time of completion is was the tallest building in the world (soon beat by the Chrysler Building - my favorite landmark of Manhattan’s skyline). 

Today it is the new shining star of the Autograph Collection, a hotel group where no two hotels are the same and each has a unique theme. Given the decade’s fascination with the stars, the theme of the LeVeque is celestial, and in all my travels I’ve never seen a concept so wonderfully executed. 


From the moment you walk in, you feel the history of the building. Thick gilded doors, marble tile, and deco design elements dominate the interior. A map of the night sky the day they laid the cornerstone of the building is re-created in crystals and brass along the entryway to the lobby. A deco-themed, brass chandelier hangs above the open lobby, making for the grandest entrance.


David gives the word concierge a new meaning. Upon request, he dove right into the building’s grand history, recommendations for where to have dinner, and how to make the most of my free afternoon. I could have spent the entire day just chatting with him, but I had a room to marvel at! 

My room evoked all the splendor of the twenties in four-hundred beautiful square feet. The entire room is shades of white, dove grey, and soft gold. Plush fainting sofas and stylish chairs were upholstered in the exact same gold velvet as my dress. It seemed I was destined to stay here. 


A massive, squishy bed was the centerpiece of the room, with a beautiful deco chandler and headboard. I wanted to kick off my heels and jump on it, taking in the amazing view of the river from my windows. But I was drawn to the bathroom instead. 


Nearly the size of the bedroom, the bathroom is entirely white marble and tile, with gold taps and the biggest shower I’ve ever seen in my life. I could have throw a cocktail party in there with the goodies from the minibar! I could have slept a family of four on blow-up mattresses! But instead I decided to work on my American Idol audition. 


Speciality amenities were made locally just for the LeVeque, to make the shower even more of an experience. 


Everything I could have needed, The LeVeque had. Free, fast WIFI, an in-room coffee maker, ironing board, power plugs right by the bedside. Every bit of packaging was considered and make lovely, right down tablet and pen on the nightstand; the cover had cutouts to look like the night sky. I had to find something to write a note about just so I could use. 


Dear everyone in New York, I’m sorry but I’ve fallen in love with the Hotel LeVeque.

 I’ll be moving here, ASAP. Please come visit, I promise you’ll love it.



Actually, I could live here. The tower was converted to part hotel, part luxury residence. There are several units available for lease!

The hotel has a speak-easy style bar tucked away on the mezzanine. I wanted to see every inch of this stunning tower anyway, so even though it was just past eleven, I went to take a peak. The interior breaks from the deco vibes of the rest of the hotel, and instead transports you into someone’s cozy study. Dark wood, comfy, tufted couches, low ceilings, and a wonderful menu of craft cocktails. If only happy hour could start at noon… who’s with me?


I spent the night out with some old friends, and got back to the room to a most magical surprise...
I opened my door and my heart skipped a beat. All my lights were off, and the ceiling was a sky full of stars! There was an amazing projection of the night sky across it, compete with constellations, and the occasional shooting star. It was like the grown-up version of those neon glow in the dark stickers I plastered on my walls as a kid. I plopped onto the bed, and laid there fully dressed in awe. That’s when I noticed the star-print chocolates on my pillow. As if this could get any better! It was the most amazing turn-down service I’ve ever experienced in a hotel, anywhere in the world. 


So I wished upon my sky full of stars that I would never have to leave this wonderful place, and slowly drifted off to sleep under the night sky. 



The Hotel LeVeque kindly hosted me but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Anna Kloots