Gift Guide for a Wanderluster

Looking for a holiday gift for the girl who’s always on the go? There are tons of gift guides out there, but I want to share a few things I've come across this year that stood out as special.

We travelers have very specific needs, and since we’re always saving money for our next plane ticket, travel essentials often go un-purchased. We're also wanderers - we love anything dreamy, magical, and one-of-a-kind. So from practical to just plain fun; and stocking stuffers to splurge-items, here’s a list of things that any wanderluster would love to find under the tree!

(Everything below I genuinely love and think would make a perfect gift. I wasn’t paid, given, or asked to promote any of these products - I just think they're magical.)


A Dreamy Sleep Mask

Every traveler needs a sleep mask for her long-haul flights! While she might have a collection of freebies from the airlines, a nice quality, more personal option is sure to bring a smile to her face. I recommend searching Etsy for fun and handmade options. This Holly Golightly inspired mask would give any Audrey Hepburn fan the sweetest dreams.
$19 Etsy EVESAdesign


Inspiring Charms

19CH arrow 2-580x352.jpg

These necklaces are perfect gift for a traveler. They’re dainty enough to keep on 24/7 to remind them of their loved ones at home. Each necklace is indie-made in California from brass and comes presented with beautiful photos and inspiring words that they can keep and use as a bookmark. 
 $35 Amano Studio

Cozy Socks for the Plane

One of my absolute musts when traveling is a pair of cozy socks. I wear mine on the plane to keep toasty, and love having them in the hotel since slippers are too bulky to pack. Remind your girl how unique she is with these cozy, cutesy, unicorn socks. 
$12.50 Asos Holiday Unicorn Cozy Sock Gift Box


Clip Lens 

This little clip packs a lot of power. It turns your iPhone’s camera in a Fisheye, Wide Angle, or Macro Lens. It only weighs an once, so your traveler can still take some epic spots on days she’s not toting her SLR. And to make it even dreamier - it comes in rose gold. 
$80 OlloClip 4 in 1 Lens


Travel Jewelry Box

Any traveler will tell you, packing up jewelry is a pain. Necklaces arrive tangled, there's never a good way to store rings, and earrings can get lost in your bag! This chic little case has the perfect set up to safely store and organize her essentials, and is small enough to pop into her tote. 
$28 Travel Jewelry Box River Island


Travel Flask

For an impromptu toast at that scenic spot! 
$11 Sass & Belle Adventure is Out There Hip Flask

Passport Case

This is something every traveler wants, but would rather spend the money on plane tickets! There are endless choices out there - so pick her favorite color, quote, or monogram it with her initials. As a francophile, this gold foil au revoir case makes me want to book a trip to Paris on the spot!
$54 Margaret Elizabeth Voyager Passport Case


The Ultimate Travel Bag


In my opinion, this iis THE tote that is sure to please any traveler. Designed by MZ Wallace with a travel in mind, this is made of water and stain-resistant, nylon so it will never look tattered. It can be folded, rolled, and even crushed and never lose it’s shape. The padded handles are long enough to comfortably sling onto your shoulder, and the inside is loaded with pockets and pouches for storing everything you need. Most importantly, it's light as air and zips closed across the top. This bag comes in 3 sizes, several colors and even a few patterns. If you're not sure what to pick- you can never go wrong with solid black.
$215 MZ Wallace Medium Metro Tote

One Line A Day Journal 

No one knows better than a traveler that every day is special! With this 5-year, one-line-a-day journal they’ll be able to keep track of each magic moment. With just writing one line a day, you always have time to enter something, and it’s so tiny it’s easy to pop into a suitcase. There are several options by Chronicle Books on Amazon, or this fun travel-themed one is a great pick!
$15 Travel Journal One Line a Day


Cashmere Travel Wrap 

This amazing, super warm and soft wrap can be a shawl, blanket, or scarf, and will be something your traveler will not want to be without. This 100% cashmere travel wrap is going to be your wanderlust’s new best friend no matter where she goes!
$285 MZ Wallace Cashmere Travel Wrap

A Great Travel Book

Help her plan her next trip with an inspiring or helpful book! If you know where she's headed next, get a guide for that place. If you just need a general book for the new, young, traveler - check out this cheeky one full of 100 inspiring places to go, and tips on what to do when you get there. 
$18.50  Off Track Planet’s Travel Guide fro the Young, Sexy, & Broke. 


A One-of-A-Kind Statement Piece


Show your traveler just how unique she is with an amazing, one of kind statement ring from California-based designer Sarah Kaja. Every piece in her collection is lovingly hand crafted and one-of-a-kind. Her rings are made with hand-picked crystals and hand painted with metallics. I found her on Instagram a few months ago and have been lusting after one ever since! These savagely beautiful pieces are the perfect way to spoil a free spirit. 
$140 Flame Aura Quartz Ring


Luggage Tags

Quality luggage tags are something every traveler needs, but doesn't want to buy. You can get something loud and fun, or chic and sophisticated, just pick a fabric that will last forever - like leather. At you can customize shape, color, and even monogram initials.
$30 Lets Get Lost Leather Luggage Tag