Everything You Need For A Sweet #OOTD On Valentine's Day

February is great month for holidays. There is a three day period from the 13th - 15th that is my favorite of the entire year: Galentines Day, Valentines Day, and then my birthday! 

So, I go a little crazy with the spirit of this season. 

But who doesn't love love?
And glitter?
And sparkles?
And flowers?
And hearts?
And chocolate?
And champagne?

So to pre-game for the main event, I make handmade valentines. I bake thick heart-shaped cutouts with pink sprinkles, I overload on candy hearts. And of course - come the big day, I'm dressed head to toe in lips, hearts, glitter, and faux fur. 

 So if you're wondering how you can look extra sweet this Galentine/Valentine's day, look no further that my list of Valentine attire to suit you perfectly no matter how, where, or with who you're celebrating!