What You Need (and Don't Need) For Your Luxury African Safari

Wondering what you will need for your first Safari?


My first time on safari I was really worried about having the right things, but I quickly learned packing for safari is easy, and you don't need to bring a lot. 

Most luxury lodges will do your laundry for you every day, double check with your lodge ahead of time just in case - but this makes packing easy breezy since you really only need one or two of each thing. 

When it comes to clothing, stick to the colors white, khaki, tan, and green. Dark and bright colors distract the animals and attract unwanted flies and bugs. Avoid patterns or prints. Natural, breathable fabric are best. Keep in mind they will be doing your laundry so don't bring anything that needs dry cleaned. 



You wake up before sunrise, and it's COLD. You are putting on long pants, a tank or short-sleeve, cotton t-shirt, a long-sleeve button down over that, and fleece zip up. You'll probably want to bring your beanie, and maybe even gloves or mittens. Socks, boots or sneakers, and grab your sunglasses. You should have SPF with you, the sun will be out soon! Your lodge will probably have fleece blankets for you also. 

You spend the morning driving around the park, usually stopping for a breakfast in the bush. As the sun rises it will get warm, and you'll be shedding layers. 


You'll end your morning drive and be back at camp in time for lunch. You can either go right to lunch in your outfit, or go back to the lodge and change into a lounge-outfit. After lunch you'll lounge in the lodge, swim at the pool, or nap in your tent. 


Usually around 4pm, you go back out for your night drive. It's warm when you leave, so you'll be wearing a tank or short sleeve, and shorts or pants with your safari hat on to protect your face. Bring with you your button-down and safari jacket. Don't forget to load up on spf, and bring your poncho just in case. It will cool down quick as the sunsets. You'll stop for a sundowner in the bush, and then keep driving around until it's dark. It will cool down considerably, but nothing like the morning cold. When you get back to camp, you go right to dinner in your safari gear. 


After dinner, you shower up, put on your pjs, gaze at the most amazing night sky of stars you've ever seen and go to bed to wake up and do it all over again. 



For Your Drives

  • 2-3 tank tops

  • 2-3 cotton t-shirts

  • 2  long-sleeve button downs

  • 1  cargo-style or rain-repellent jacket

  • 1 zip-up fleece jakcet

  • 1 cotton or straw safari hat with brim

  • 1 beanie hat or earmuffs (for cold mornings)

  • 2 pairs shorts and 2 pair cargo pants (or 2 pairs pants that zip-off into shorts)

  • 1 pair rubber flip flops

  • 1 pair boots or sneakers to get dirty/dusty

  • sunglasses

  • plastic rain poncho

For the Lodge

  • Swimsuit

  • 1-2  lounge outfits like a romper or maxi dress(optional) 

  • pjs

Other Essentials

  • bug spray

  • sunscreen

  • all undergarments 

  • converters for your chargers for phone, camera, laptop

  • book, journal, camera 

Things you DON'T Need to Pack

  • makeup 

  • hair dryer (they will have it)

  • any kind of styling tools

  • perfumes, sprays, scented lotions - leave all of that at home it will attract pests during your drive and at camp

  • all food and snacks - you cannot leave anything in your tent, it will attract animals

  • canteen  - your vehicle is equipped with all the drinks and snacks your heart could desire.

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